AZELIO 1H to 17,50 SEK - Elliot analys - Creating the 3rd wave

This time I gave AZELIO a try and I think this one have great potential.
The graf is a bit messy, but I think we are in a good way of creating the 3rd wave if you look in to 4h graf .
I will take the trade when/if the upper yellow trendline is crossed and aim for 17,50 SEK .
This can make a profit of around 50%.

Have a profitable day <3
Kommentera: Ah small touch of the trend line then back down. I have not taken the trade yet.. Exciting! ^^
Kommentera: If you go in to 30min diagram you can now see that the trend line is acting as a support, if it bouns on that, I will buy for a BULL. Stay tuned
Kommentera: The support is good enough, will not buy on this point...
Kommentera: The support is NOT good enough, will NOT buy at this point *
Kommentera: Okey, I took a small position here at 11.58sek.
Handel aktiv: Bull pos, 11.58sek
Kommentera: Hopefully the first and second smaller wave is forming right now, so we soon can be on our way up for the bigger wave 3.
Kommentera: It has been a bumby ride, but now we can see the 3rd wave beeing in develop.


hi ,I think in 11.05 start wave 5.
johanbyren imansalavatinejad
@imansalavatinejad, Hi! Thanks for your comment. Interesting thought, could you show me a picture of it so I can get your way of thinking. Would be really interesting, and maybe I need to rethink my own analys here :)
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