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The Cosmic Flow indicator can be used to create dynamic support and resistance channels. In this case the Resistance Length is set to 40, the Step setting is set to Fibonacci and the Multiplier Type is set to Standard Deviation. Only the relevant S3 and R3 (1.618 mult) plots are displayed for better readability.

The crossings (marked with vertical lines) of the 200-3D SMA with the above Cosmic Flow S3 and R3 plots seem to correlate well to the tops and bottoms of the past 2 cycles.

Over the past few months the 200-3D SMA has approached the Cosmic Flow S3 plot but did not cross, suggesting that the bull run is not yet over. On the other hand, since the current configuration has not been observed before there is no way of telling if this is truly a bullish signal.

Another pattern hinting that the bull season is not yet over is the distance of the 200-3D SMA from the Cosmic Flow Basis (gray plot). As marked by the purple rectangles, the crossings of these plots have previously denoted the most bearish periods but the current values make such a case unlikely in the near future.

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