BTC, Ockhams Razor. Don't get caught in the shill posts!

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Gentlmen, friends, traders. A simple update. I click on just a few posts on trading view and people are spewing stuff about tops and making up signals to gain hits. Folks, don't get caught in all the malarky going around with people looking for excuses to enter trades. Stick to your guns and analysis

Simple explanation of what's going on. What does that look like to you? Topping action? a double top? Or maybe it is what it looks like... AN ASCENDING TRIANGLE . The simplest explanation is usually the right one. Maybe also it's that because of the strong weekly MACD!!!

What if it isn't? Doesn't matter. We already made out huge with the run up to 7.5k. Re-entered in at 7.2k. We have our stops in place.

Don't let the shill posts get you! I saw someone literally draw channels out of nothing and downward pressure and they have 50k in followers, WTF.

That's all.

Kommentera: And if you are new to my posts please read the previous ones.... here are a few examples.

Kommentera: Click the play button. BTC is chilling on my trendline. Remember, stops in place to lock in profit/break even if it breaks down. And we are in position for a move up.
Kommentera: We bust this 8300 level and we move up in a hurry. It's only a matter of time now.
Kommentera: Up we go! We knew it was just a matter of time.
Kommentera: It appears to be just a mini bull flag right now.

but don't be surprised if we get a quick move down before going higher.
Kommentera: This 8,300 level should act as support folks, but be really careful, if we bust down past 8k, we could move down much more. Make sure your stops are in place.

Kommentera: This 8k level is providing support. Placing a stop just below 7,900. We could get a substantial down move if we continue.
Kommentera: Booked plenty of profits. Stop hit. We will be moving down now.
All my posts are not intended as financial advice, just me sharing what i am doing with my research and positions. Don't stress, pick your points and don't use leverage. Check out my site
Once again Sherem nails it! Thanks I put more into BTC at the break and I'm happy today.

Short term do we watch for a pull-back or in your opinion will it push close to 10k before pulling back some? Is there a good likelihood for a quick swing or just HODL HODL HODL?
Sherem theredbaronZ
@theredbaronZ, i think it will push higher before it pulls back. There hasn't been a retrace and we just keep grinding higher. Even forming a bull flag at this moment.

That being said... a quick pullback before a larger move up is not out of the question and would fall very much in line with whats going on.
always ignore anyone that says: "Ockhams Razor" - always
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Sherem merola
@merola, What was that? Oh i am sorry, i can't hear you over the sound of BTC busting up from the ascending triangle I identified.
Too early to despair. Just a higher low I think. Following the trend line pretty nicely so far.
Nice analysis. This is what I'm seeing

Got my sell set for 9999.99 (got to beat the 10k herd). :-)
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BTC is preparing its 4th attempt to break through $8300. 4th time lucky???
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@BDG, maybe 4th times a charm, or 5th? hah!
if we are getting to 10k which i hope we do
what your scenario after
do you believe in a 1 year accumulation phase near 6k then bull market
or you believe its gonna dive deeper
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