BTC – 2nd highest quarterly gain since 2014

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Hi Traders!

If you didn’t notice we already have a bull market at least on BTC .

The current quarter ranks as the 2nd highest quarterly gain since 2014 and the 7th highest quarterly gain all-time .

Don’t forget we have still 40 days till the end of Q2 2019. We may surpass it considerably.

As you know many technical indicators, which work on for example forex, work differently or not at all on the cryptocurrency market.

So right now we stopped at $8425 – this is a resistance level so this is normal we bounced off from this.

The next rally should cross it up. We should reach easily $10K and just right afterward $12K.

This is only 40% of today’s price.

We think it will happen within days/few weeks.

Ok here is the justification of our view.

Technical analysis details:

• Still, the price is much over the EMAs. Right now there is nothing to worry about.

WBM BUY/SELL Indicator – we have a bull market right now - it is reflected on the sentiment level. As you can see since over a month
we have a negative sentiment on a very high level.
It doesn’t fall which means no one wants to sell and as a result, there is not much supply.
This is typical for the bullish market.

Weis Waves – no red/negative waves meaning again the supply is very weak.
1st bar of the current positive wave was very high = much volume = much interest.
This bar is at the level of the 3rd/4th bar of the previous waves

Although we may have some correction because of some bad news the general trend is up.

If you don’t like to trade actively/ on an everyday basis just buy it as to keep it for 1,5 – 2,5 years.

We think it will be worth somewhere between $300k - $600k.

Thank you for reading and your time.

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WBM Team

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