Corrective Wave in a Bull Market: Watch for these SIGNALS to Buy

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Hey traders!

Today we’re going to analyze the technical situation around the Bitcoin’s upward trend.
In particular, we will interpret the SIGNALS being generated by the primary technical indicators and will identify the next price target for Bitcoin.

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- The medium-term trend for Bitcoin remains UPWARDS.
- The next month’s forecast is in a range of $10,500-11,500.
- Over the short-term (next two weeks), though, the flat trend is more likely, as the price corrects downwards from local highs and forms a new basis for the next wave upwards to $11,500.

Detailed Analysis For Professional Traders
The medium-term trend for Bitcoin is strongly upwards, which is indicated by technical indicators, chart patterns and fundamental analysis.
A 20-days exponential moving average is increasing and the Bitcoin price is above the EMA (20).
There is an ascending trend channel being formed on the Bitcoin’s daily chart , which is a strong continuation chart pattern.
The price is perfectly confined within the trendlines of this channel, and the next implied price target is located at $11,500.
So, for long positions, the take-profit target should be set at $11,500.
The two intermediate price targets are located at significant resistance levels at $8,500 and $9,500.
A positive dynamics in fundamental variables of the Bitcoin network, such as continuing growth in the number of daily transactions and the number of active wallets, reinforces and confirms an upward trend forecast for the Bitcoin’s market price.

Why Is The Price Adjusting Downwards?
As we’ve been describing in our previous trade idea, the Bitcoin price has deviated substantially upwards from its mean value.
Currently, the mean value, as measured by a 20-days moving average and a linear regression channel, is estimated in a range $7,000-7,500.
Therefore, what we’re seeing now is a ‘healthy’ short-term correction in a bull market.
We don’t expect it to move below the nearest significant support level at $6,500, which coincides with the lower trendline of an ascending trend channel.
So, technically, the trend is upwards and there are no indications of a possible trend reversal now.

We consider a price range between $7,100-$7,400 as attractive to enter long (buy) Bitcoin in anticipation of the beginning of the next bull wave to $11,500. Here is an active trade signal:

- Buy Bitcoin in at $7,400
- Take-Profit: $11,500 - the 2nd significant resistance level
- Stop-Loss: $6,700 - the next significant support level
- Forecasted P&L: +$4,100 or +55%, equivalent to +$41,000 or +550% with 10x Leverage at Monfex
- Risk/Reward Ratio: 5.9x

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