HOW-TO: Cosmic Pi Cycle #2

TVC:SILVER   CFDs på silver (US$ / OZ)
This HOW-TO tutorial will show how to use both markers and the channel to successfully predict price reversals.

🪐 SETTINGS (Indicator 1)

  • Mult: 1.55
  • Top Markers: ON
  • Bottom Markers: OFF

🪐 SETTINGS (Indicator 2)

  • Mult: 0.85
  • Top Markers: OFF
  • Bottom Markers: ON


🗠 A & G
As price stabilizes after a volatile trend and is about to re-enter the Pi Cycle channel the secondary markers confirm the anticipated entry. The suggestion is that volatility will resume but there are no hints as to the direction of the next trend aside from the general angle of the price entry into the channel.

🗠 B, C, D, E & H
The Pi Cycle channel itself is a great way to predict price reversals. The price approaching or touching the borders of the channel, inside and out, is an indication that a price reversal is likely.

🗠 F
A false primary marker reversal signal is easy to spot because here it appears after the bullish price momentum reverses and the price begins to fall. The general rule for using primary markers is that they are effective before a price reversal and no new highs or lows should be made after its occurrence.

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