XAUUSD - Day trade signal by Keltner & ADX indicator 9/12

FX:XAUUSD   Guld / USA-dollar
* The result is report from 1/1/2017 - present.
Risk: 2%.
Strategy was minus the fee by:
...Commission = 4 USD/trade.
...Slippage = 2 ticks.

* The signals is combined by 2 indicators Keltner Channel & The average directional index ( ADX ).
1. Long trend is confirmed when the close candle crossover the Upper 2 Keltner .
2. Short trend is confirmed when the close candle crossunder the Lower 2 Keltner .
3. ADX indicator below is used to performing the Entry by ADX crossing.
... When Keltner for Long is the crossover for Buy.
... When Keltner for Short is the crossover for Sell.
4. The Stop loss & Profit is with ratio 1/1. It's calculate by Average True Range Indicator ( ATR) 20 bars.
"Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator" or "PM us to obtain access"