Analyst Group: OrderYOYO - Transformative Merger Paves the Way for Increased Growth

In July 2022, OrderYOYO completed the merger with app smart, which has created a twice as large company, with greater opportunities to liberate the independent takeaway restaurants in Europe. Through an expanded product offering, which is expected to attract more restaurant partners (RPs) as well as provide significant upsell potential, in combination with a higher customer stickiness, and thus reduce churn rates, OrderYOYO is estimated to reach a revenue of DKK 204m in 2023. Based on an applied 3.5x EV/S target multiple, a potential fair value of DKK 8.1 per share is derived today, in a Base scenario.

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This is a press release from Analyst Group regarding the publication of an analysis on OrderYOYO. Readers may assume that Analyst Group has received compensation for making the commentary. The Company has not been given an opportunity to influence the parts where Analyst Group has had opinions about the Company, future valuation or anything else that could be considered a subjective assessment.

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