This strategy was developed keeping in mind the accuracy of signals. Due to which the time-frame had to be small as in longer timeframe, the probability of a particular movement decreases. The best application of this strategy is with Margin Trading as the signals achieved have really high accuracy.
To get the best out of this strategy, keep in mind the following
1. Choose 3 min time frame
2. Changing the stoploss and trailing stop settings could/would interfere with the accuracy of the trades.
3. Pyramiding affects the profitability of trades.
Apr 05
Release Notes: // Added Stop Loss input
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Hi - may I get access please? Many thanks.
Hi. Can i get access please
My i have access to your script ? it's seems very usefull, thank's
Hi! Can I get access please? Thank you!
May I have access of your script? Thanks!
can I have access? Thanks
Hi vjsharma89, nice script, can I have access? Thanks
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