EAG Trend Finder

Hi all,

this strategy is made for trend following and the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
Mainly for the 4H BTC chart even though it does work for alt coins but I haven't tested it on those yet.
This is a hands-on strategy, it doesn't give buy and sell signals without you doing some charting of yourself, try to define trends and use this strategy to find confirmation.

ignore the backtesting data since I made this for the past year and specific scenarios but couldn't figure out how to limit backtesting data so I ignored panel for this strategy.
Hands-on strategy!

Go long ( green boxes ) during up trends and short during down trends(blue boxes), sideways movement is the Achilles heel of this strategy and for that reason, it is important to try and filter the sideways movements as much as you can.

As always,
Happy Hunting!

Still a work in progress!
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hi can u give a demo please
hi , can i test your script. thank you
Nice work , could i use your script?
Could i test your script?
hello, can i test this indicator?
Hi! Can i please use this strategy?
A quick example of how to use this / filter trends.
yellow = pattern
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