Financial Astrology Crypto ML Daily Trend

This daily trend indicator is based on financial astrology cycles detected with advanced machine learning techniques for the crypto-currencies research portfolio: ADA, BAT, BNB, BTC , DASH, EOS , ETC, ETH, LINK, LTC, XLM , XMR, XRP, ZEC and ZRX. The daily price trend is forecasted through this planets cycles (angular aspects, speed, declination), fast ones are based on Moon, Mercury, Venus and Sun and Mid term cycles are based on Mars, Vesta and Ceres . The combination of all this cycles produce a daily price trend prediction that is encoded into a PineScript array using binary format "0 or 1" that represent sell and buy signals respectively. The indicator provides signals since 2021-01-01 to 2022-12-31, the past months signals purpose is to support backtesting of the indicator combined with other technical indicator entries like MAs, RSI or Stochastic . For future predictions besides 2022 a machine learning models re-train phase will be required.

The resolution of this indicator is 1D, you can tune a parameter where you can determine how many future bars of daily trend are plotted and adjust an hours shift to anticipate future signals into current bar in order to produce a leading indicator effect to anticipate the trend changes with some hours of anticipation. Combined with technical analysis indicators this daily trend is very powerful because can help to produce approximately 60% of profitable signals based on the backtesting results. You can look at our open source Github repositories to validate accuracy using the backtesting strategies we have implemented in Jesse Crypto Trading Framework as proof of concept of the predictive potential of this indicator. Alternatively, we have implemented a PineScript strategy that use this indicator, just consider that we are pending to do signals update to the period July 2021 to December 2022: This strategy have accumulated more than 110 likes and many traders have validated the predictive power of Financial Astrology.

DISCLAIMER: This indicator is experimental and don’t provide financial or investment advice, the main purpose is to demonstrate the predictive power of financial astrology. Any allocation of funds following the documented machine learning model prediction is a high-risk endeavour and it’s the users responsibility to practice healthy risk management according to your situation.
Release Notes: A signals prevalence to bullish trend was detected in previous version, there was an issue in the ML signals not performing well to detect the bearish trend days. We have tuned the astrology machine learning ensamble model to balance correctly the bullish/bearish trend detection so in this release we updated the signals arrays. With this new version we expect around 57% to 60% accuracy and 55% prevalence (slightly bias to uptrend).

Additionally a little code refactoring was made to improve the array signals to candles mapping and the future days signal plot was converted into future weeks so is consistent with other financial astrology signals we are creating for other sectors. Now you need to indicate how many weeks of future predictions to plot instead of days, by default it display 2 future weeks.

Finally we did some tweaks to support proper display of the indicator in chart resolutions: 1D, 1H, 2H, 3H and 4H, you can use any of this resolution to view the ML signals predictions. The indicator will not plot future predictions and smooth signal in other resolutions so ensure you use one of the fully supported resolutions.
Release Notes: Support lower than hourly resolutions: 45m, 30m, 15m, 10m and 5m, and symbol charts that are based on USD quote instead of USDT (Tether). On intraday resolutions only project 1 week of future data to prevent that recent price chart display empty astro ML signal. Display a fast and slow moving average of daily trend signal to make simpler to find bull/bear energy turning points.
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Can this indicator not be used by the public?
Is it a way to switch green + to bottom, and red + to the top?
Papi sos crack bendiciones
Hi Pablo, what’s the difference between this indicator and the other ML indicator apart from the time frame on this one that’s daily and that this one can project into the future?
citlacom Eleanze
Hi @Eleanze, two differences: 1) This is just an indicator not an strategy, in the strategy mixed the TA I accustom to use for entry / exit signals but this is just the astro ML daily trend so is simpler to understand for anyone that want to combine with their own TA analysis tools. 2) This provides the signals from July 2021 to December 2022 from machine learning models I just finished to re-train, it took 1 month of machine learning training, this also include 5 more crypto-currencies ETC, ETC, XLM, XRP and XMR. For the second point, at some point during this week I will update the strategy to have this signals. The main purpose to separate it as simple indicator is for people that don't want to use moving averages as complementary TA signals so this is foundational piece than any PineScript coder can clone and combine with their preferred TA indicators. Have a great day!
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Eleanze citlacom
@citlacom, Hi Pablo, just to let you know that the famous Christeen Skinner, one of the best financial astrologers in the world, highlighted in her latest newsletter that there is a square happening right now between Eris and Pluto which will be precise on 9 October 2021. It would be good if you include Eris in your ML indicator. If she mentions it - means that it is important. Also the points Black Moon Lillith and White Moon Selena. They contribute to the moods.
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