[RS]Function - Standardization - zScore

Function for standardization or zScore.
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+1 Svara
Thank you so much! your indicators have been very helpful (lucrative) God Bless
Nice job! 1. Thanks for all of the great script work you have published over the years. I have learned a lot from you! 2. Just noticed last night @version=4 exists and saw (yet to check them out) the code example of yours that were referred to in the update post - thanks for this also; I am sure it will help my transition to the new version. It should be interesting to figure out the less obvious "sticking points" vers4 can help overcome. ? Anyhow appreciate what you do and your sharing - thanks again and keep smiling!
Tom1trader Tom1trader
@Tom1trader, Checked out the rest of your new posts now, great work and thanks! Will add here my code is "kid in a sandbox" grade compared to yours. Keep smiling!