[CLX][#02] Registry (type-based)

This script only provides a basic __setter and __getter registration function with a type-based limitation.
We don't want to blow the code with additional conditions. The suggestion was to get the basic functionality.

- Get/set/update global-like variables between functions
- No init needed. You can call a entry before you set it.

- f_reg_getInt(_key)
- f_reg_getFloat(_key)
- f_reg_getBool(_key)
- f_reg_getString(_key)
- f_reg_getColor(_key)
- f_reg_getLabel(_key)
- f_reg_getLine(_key)

- f_reg_setInt(_key, _value)
- f_reg_setFloat(_key, _value)
- f_reg_setBool(_key, _value)
- f_reg_setString(_key, _value)
- f_reg_setColor(_key, _value)
- f_reg_setLabel(_key, _value)
- f_reg_setLine(_key, _value)

Feel free to contribute for an extended version. :)

We hope you enjoy it! 🎉

CRYPTOLINX - jango_blockchained 😊👍

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