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code = input("", type=string, title="QUANDL Code", confirm=true)
index = input(0, title="Data Set Index", minval = 0, maxval = 99, confirm=true)
quandl_ticker = "QUANDL:" + code + (index == 0 ? "" : "|" + tostring(index))
quandl = security(quandl_ticker, "D", close)
plot(quandl, color=green)


Why now don't access quandl?
The QUANDL study was built to display Quandl data on the chart. Just apply it to the chart and specify the QUANDL Code in the input.
jkarn admin
@admin, How do you apply it to the chart?
@jkarn, Seconding this question. I imagine it's through Pine, but how do I request the symbol or data I want? Thanks in advance @admin
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