Quarters Theory

This indicator helps you to put Quarter Theory lines on your chart. It's defaults are meant for EURUSD , but you can change it for other charts. There are 16 lines in this indicator.

For EURUSD recommended settings right now are: Starting Price (Bottom):1.12 and Gap: 0.0025
USDCAD: Starting Price (Bottom):1.315 and Gap: 0.005
EURAUD: Starting Price (Bottom):1.59 and Gap: 0.005
USDJPY: Starting Price (Bottom):107 and Gap: 0.5
USDCHF: Starting Price (Bottom):0.97 and Gap: 0.0025
BTCUSD: Starting Price (Bottom):3200 and Gap: 100
XAUUSD: Starting Price (Bottom): 1230 and Gap: 5

These settings are the ones I use, but you could find better settings for yourself.
Works very well on JPY pairs.

Release Notes: Automatic levels, don't have to find levels manually.
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