ORB Current Timeframe

Plot high and low of first candle from the current timeframe.
The levels are adjusted automatically when the timeframe is changed.

Trade breakout in either direction with other as a stop loss.
Can be used for any instrument.
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Thanks for your guidance & Help
i have published CRB indicator.

the whole Strategy is explained on youtube
search on youtube " Spider-Man Strategy For Intraday kalakar trader's "
Can you make CRB (closing range breakout)
last candle of the day.
it is very usefull in some strategy.
@jxmodi, in the source code of this script, simply replace 'high' / 'low' at line 4 / 5 with 'high squarebracket 1 squarebracket' / 'low squarebracket 1 squarebracket'.
That should serve the purpose.
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