Secondary Chart with OverSized Candles

Hi everyone, I'm sharing a simple script I made for a friend. He was looking for a way to add another asset to his chart, and monitor relevant movements \ spot eventual correlation, especially when trading Cryptocurrencies.
We couldn't find a similar script already available so here it is - the code is commented and I hope it's clear enough :)

- The parameter scale = scale.left keeps the scales separated and therefore the chart is more organized, otherwise the chart would appear flat if the price difference is too big (e.g. BTC vs XRP)
- It is possible to have the script running in a separate panel (instead of overlay) by moving it to a new pane (when added to the chart) or by removing the parameter overlay = true at the beginning of the code.
- In case you wish to add indicators to this sub-chart (e.g. Bollinger Bands , EMA , etc..) you can do that by adding the relevant code and feed it with the variables OPEN \ HIGH \ LOW \ CLOSE as well as using the same method to retrieve new variables from the target asset with the function.

Hope this comes handy.
Val - Protervus
Release Notes: Added Price Line as per request (can be disabled in Settings)
Release Notes: Code-cleaning only.
Release Notes: Fixed the alert for Bearish OverSized Candle

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