RSI-RENKO Divine Strategy

Live, non-repainting strategy using RENKO and RSI mixed together to multiple types of long and short positions.

- Features -

  • Live entry direction with trade warnings and alerts
  • Live trade building buy and sell limits (for buy/sell limits)
  • Entry location icons as well as pyramid entries (to add to existing position)
  • Swing trades that keep you in the trade for the maximum possible profit
  • 1 scalp target based on the RSI settings and entry location
  • Dynamic trailing stop for swings and scalps
  • Alert conditions for every update and condition change of the strategy (Provided by indicator study)
  • 4 pre-built color themes, including candlestick coloring

This script is used solely for alerts to the RSI-RENKO Divine Strategy, because Trading View still after 3 years of requesting does not provide the ability to use alert conditions inside a strategy script, only an indicator script. This strategy should be used to backtest your settings. Beyond alerts and strategy inputs, the strategy and indicator are identical.
Release Notes:
  • Updated volatile brick algorithm. The strategy should perform better when switching to higher timeframes for low tick brick sizes. It is difficult to garner information from a single time candle that can blast through both the upper and lower next brick thresholds. It takes careful design to maximize the accuracy in these cases.
  • Renko RSI and Renko Trend Momentum indicators also updated with some neat additions.
Release Notes:
  • Fixed target algos during highly volatile segments or when the selected brick size is small enough where the time rate of brick production is high.
  • Add check box to toggle visibility of the execution value left triangles.
Release Notes:
  • Updated color themes.
Release Notes:
  • Updated to version 4 Pine.
  • Live labels now show value price.
  • Fixed pending renko momentum areas during rapid volatility.
  • Alerts added to indicator version: Change in Renko Trend Momentum (main trend flips), Pending Renko Trend Momentum Activation, Volatile Brick Production.
  • New areas added to modify the live target/stop/threshold labels and horizontal lines.
Release Notes:
  • Fixed Bugs.
Release Notes:
  • Fixed display bugs.
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Hi can I have access to this script thankyou love your work am a new member to tradingview
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