MTF Commodity Oddity Index (CCI+)

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MTF Commodity Oddity Index (CCI+)

This chart overlay indicator is based upon the Commodity Channel Index ( CCI ) and can signal multiple triple-timeframe CCI overbought and oversold confluences directly onto your chart, intended for use as a confluence either for reversal trade entries, or potential trade exits, indicating where price may be probable to reverse.

Features include:

- Primary set of fully configurable triple-timeframe overbought and oversold signals, indicating where 3 selected timeframes are all overbought or all oversold at the same time. Enabled by default.
- Secondary set of fully configurable triple-timeframe overbought and oversold signals, indicating where 3 selected timeframes are all overbought or all oversold at the same time. Enabled by default.
- Optional drawing of background colours and/or ribbon seen at bottom of the chart image.
- The default primary MTF #1 timeframes are set to 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute. These are highly suitable for low timeframe scalpers trading on < 5m charts, and can often pin point price reversals.
- The default Secondary MTF #2 timeframes are set to 15 minute, 30 minute and 120 minute. These are suitable for both low timeframe scalpers and considerably higher timeframe traders.
- Independent alerts for MTF #1 and MTF #2 triple-timeframe confluences, including options for alerting MTF overbought and MTF oversold individually, as well as an option for alerting either overbought or oversold in a single combined alert.
- Also includes standard configurable CCI options, including CC length and source type.

Note: The features listed above are accurate at the time of publishing but maybe updated or added to in future.

A similar MTF CCI indicator is also available as a panel indicator here.
This indicator is based upon the original MTF Fantastic Stochastic (FS+) available here.

What is the Commodity Channel Index ( CCI )?

Investopedia has described the popular oscillator as follows:

“The Commodity Channel Index​ ( CCI ) is a momentum-based oscillator used to help determine when an investment vehicle is reaching a condition of being overbought or oversold.
Developed by Donald Lambert, this technical indicator assesses price trend direction and strength, allowing traders to determine if they want to enter or exit a trade, refrain from taking a trade, or add to an existing position. In this way, the indicator can be used to provide trade signals when it acts in a certain way.”

You can read more about the CCI , its use cases and calculations here.

How do traders use overbought and oversold levels in their trading?

The oversold level, that is traditionally when the CCI is above the 100 level is typically interpreted as being 'overbought', and below the -100 level is typically considered 'oversold'. Traders will often use the CCI at an overbought level as a confluence for entry into a short position, and the CCI at an oversold level as a confluence for an entry into a long position. These levels do not mean that price will necessarily reverse at those levels in a reliable way, however. This is why this version of the CCI employs the triple timeframe overbought and oversold confluence, in an attempt to add a more confluence and reliability to this usage of the CCI . While traditionally, the overbought and oversold levels are below -100 for oversold, and above 100 for overbought, the default threshold settings of this indicator have been increased to provide fewer, stronger signals, especially suited to the low timeframes and highly volatile assets.
Release Notes:
- Added a bar color option to show the MTF confluences. Disabled by default.
- Changed the default colours for the MTF #1 overbought and oversold signals, to distinguish them apart from the MTF #1 signals, and to match other indicators in range.
- Renamed variables, removed unused variables.
Release Notes:
- Corrected the grouping of bar color setting in settings menu.
Release Notes:
- Updated the MTF alerts so it doesn't trigger multiple alerts for overbought or oversold if the previous bar was overbought/oversold, and therefore already triggered an alert.
Release Notes:
- Added a feature to the settings menu to optionally present the 3x oscillator values of the MTF #1 timeframes as a table.
Release Notes:
- Added an optional table that presents the oscillator values for each of the 3 MTF #1 timeframes, with colour coded values when they reach their overbought and oversold thresholds.
Release Notes:
- Linked the colour coded values in the MTF table into the customisable MTF #1 overbought and oversold colours, so they still correspond if the ob/os colours are changed.
Release Notes:
- Updated the MTF values table with additional features to optionally show MTF #1 values only, MTF #2 values only, or the values of both sets of MTF confluences.
Release Notes:
- Updated the ASCII chars used in the ribbon.

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