D Closes [Intromoto]

It's kind of annoying no having a reference of higher time frames when trading intraday.

This script is one level from the "closes" script, but as an individual script, this allows more historical closes to be observed at once.

Shows daily closes from the exact candle, regardless of time frame.

Number of lines plotted is limited by tradingview/pinescript, show will only show a certain number i.e recent daily levels.

Lines can be styled by user: Thickness, solid vs dotted vs dashed, range of colors, label size and X location.

The "" function requires that you 'show' the indicator where the close occured, in order to have the line show. The labels are there regardless and will remind you of the level, with or without the line. This is also true if you change chart resolution. You may have to 'search' for the close to have the line show up.

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