MATHR3E LINES automatically draws Demand lines and Supply lines with their associated targets


MATHR3E LINES indicator is intended for advanced traders and may fit your profile, whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor.
It was originally developed by a renowned market analyst and documented in numerous books. Among them is the author Jason Perl .
It is recommended to have read the trading techniques mentioned in the books covering this indicator beforehand.

How to use:
The indicator draws Demand lines and Supply lines with their associated targets.
These lines connect pivot points which are:
- Lows surrounded on either side by higher lows
- Highs surrounded on either side by lower highs.

The key to drawing trend lines objectively is to select the right pivot points . Their significance is determined by the number of surrounding highs and lows.
By default, these are set to 1 since they are more sensitive to price action than higher level pivot points , and therefore provide an earlier breakout signal.
Another approach suggests that the most significant points to connect are those whose levels coincide with trend reversals.

Once you have chosen a demand line, there are 3 conditions that must be met for the trend line to be used.
As far as one or more of the conditions is met, a break of the intrabar trendline is expected, and a closing violation above the breakout level is likely.

 • Qualifier #1: Reverse Break
 • Qualifier #2: Gap Break
 • Qualifier #3: Pressure Break

In turn, a confirmed breakout entry may be invalidated the following bar, if any of the disqualifying conditions occur:

 • Open Failure
 • Close Failure
 • H/L Failure


This indicator can be applied to any market or time frame.
The methodology is equally relevant whether you are day trading or position trading.

Breakout confirmation:
 • If a breakout is confirmed, its associated lines will turn solid.
 • Otherwise, for invalidated breakouts or broken trendlines , they will remain dashed

Get notified on:
 •Demand/Supply Line Confirmed Breaks
 •Demand/Supply Invalidated Breaks
 •Demand/Supply Target Reached


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