sadosi trends and barrier

This indicator should be used for give ideas.

what they can do?

how can?
By analyzing the prices in the 3 selected periods, 3 highs and 3 lows prices are marked. With the marked points, trend and resistance lines are drawn. The current price is analyzed and useful calculations displayed in the info box. Finaly adding moving averages. After all these transactions, the trend and resistances become easily visible on the chart.

You can fine-tune the angle of the trend using high and low extensions

you can catch different trend lines by changing the high and low trend points

By changing the periods, you can set position the trend lines more accurately.

When the price is too low or too high, the information box will warn you by change color.

The trend lines to be created are for the purpose of giving an idea and convenience. It can be used on all timeframes, including horizontal trends.
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+1 Svara
purpose of (p1 ,p2 and p3) swing points?
temmuzss marvelousakuma11
@marvelousakuma11, drawing different trend lines. may be now u dont need but u will need change 1-3 , 1-2 or 2-3.
Script can not make a perfect choice. so I left the final choice to the user.
+2 Svara
How can i thank you! i was looking for this :D
temmuzss canbabacan
@canbabacan, hopefully it benefits for you. Please report any imperfect things.