[VTaL] Vertical Time Alert Lines - By BlueJayBird

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- Vertical lines drawn ON TOP of chart at selected key times of the day, week, month, year.
- You can use it at any symbol (as far as I know).
- Programmatic alerts available.
- Lines from lower time-frames are selectively NOT visible at higher time-frames. Example: At 1h time-frame, vertical lines from 1h and 4h intervals are not visible. Drawing them is considered not really useful.

- Available targeted times: 3m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y.
- Offset available for all lines. Example: 1 offset for 4h moves lines from 4AM to 8AM.
- Programmatic alerts for all lines. Example: If alert is enabled for 15m lines, every time those lines are reached, alert will trigger.
- Available drawing themes: Custom, Light, Dark.

- Vertical lines are drawn using a custom function, which uses built-in function.
- Alerts are triggered using ta.cross() built-in function. Alert is triggered when close price crosses a given time value from the line.get_x1() built-in function.
- I've added, where necessary, several comments to the code for understanding what's going on. If you have additional questions, you may ask them in the comment section of the publication.
- 3m lines are not really useful in day-trading, they were added for debugging purposes mainly. Useful for learning how to use alerts, though.

- When setting up an alert, the targeted line must be enabled/visible.
- Every time any alert is enabled or disabled, you must create AGAIN the alert from the "Alerts" panel (remember, alerts run in the back-end).
- Alerts contain really useful information. If you have any idea for adding some other data, tell in the comment section. 💡

- None. Let me know please if you find any.

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Small script update.
  • Code simplified.
  • Fixed vertical line 1D future.
  • Removed custom theme.
  • Function for vertical lines slightly modified.
  • Published as local version.
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