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In the following article, I have completed the creation of this semi-automatic script dedicated to institutional capital management in the different markets, its development was carried out under operations that exceed a balance greater than 1 million usd, which will allow you to summarize your technical analysis or you can request my support to automate your account after your previous studies.

Alerts have been created that you can program or automate through webhook, under which you can program for advice or consultancy to your account, either to integrate indexed, forex or cryptocurrency trading api keys or to perform leveraged operations either long or short with leverage especially cryptocurrencies, with a focus on BTC / USD, BTC / USDT, ETH / USD, ETH / USDT, LTC / USD, LTC / USDT, TRX / USD, TRX / USDT but adaptable to any asset

where I deliver 6 years of research, training, use, development and implementation of different analysis and trading mechanisms in financial markets.

It allows you to carry out simple technical analysis studies in a calculated way
Using wide and different methods, which are automatically arranged algorithmically, indicating a buy or sell signal based on the "Price Action + Average True Range or Atr", which also takes into consideration the increase or decrease in volume and different combined conditions are used to arrive at a "combined signal" between them:

- ATR "Average True Range
- Retracement and Fibonacci Levels
- Pivot Points
- Sar Parabolic
- Volume
- Crossing Moving Averages
- Price per volume trend indicator ( VPT )
- Calculated Analysis of Divergence, Bullish Divergence , Bearish Divergence
- Analysis of Divergence and Fibonacci Crosses
- Combination of Pivot Points and Fibonacci Levels with automatic price adjustment for all time frames
- Automatic support and resistance adjustment
- Automatic adjustment, entry of new levels, eliminate and readjust fibonacci retracement levels and pivot points as the price advances automatically
- Calculation and Analysis and Strategy for Buying and Selling Bollinger Bands
- Automatic Creation, Analysis, Calculation and Adjustment of Trend Lines
- Ichimoku periods
- Automatic Calculation and Analysis of Divergence, Trend, Price and Volume taking into account multiple factors such as: Trend Lines , MACD , Balanced Volume or "OBV", Relative Strength Index "RSI", Commodity Channel Index ( CCI )

You could use my indicator to either:
1. Create summary Buy and Sell Alerts
2. Create Alerts with Customizable Conditions
3. Create Alerts and Automate these by means of webhook shipments
4. Open and Close Positions automatically through Alerts sent through webhook and conditioned on your platform by custom% profit, either take profit or stop loss

You can configure the following alerts in an unlimited way:
-Buy Signal Indicated by Atr
-Sale Signal Indicated by Atr
-Buy signal by volume price trend indicator ( VPT )
-Sale signal by volume price trend indicator ( VPT )
-Sar Parabolic -High
-Sar Parabolic - Baja
- Bullish divergence
-Bearly divergence
-Crossing moving averages
-Cross above the Downtrend of the Fibonacci Level 0.382
-Cross above the Bearish Trend of the Fibonacci Level 0.5
-Cross above the Bearish Trend of the Fibonacci Level 0.618
-Crossover above the Bullish Trend of the Fibonacci Level 0.382
-Crosses above the Bullish Trend of the Fibonacc Level 0.5
-Cross above the Bullish Trend of the Fibonacci Level 0.618
-Cross below the downtrend of the Fibonacci Level 0.382
- "Crossover below the downward trend of the Fibonacci Level 0.5
-Cross below the downtrend of the Fibonacci Level 0.618
-Cross below the uptrend of the Fibonacci Level 0.382
-Cross below the uptrend of the Fibonacci Level 0.5
- Cross below the uptrend of the Fibonacci Level 0.618

1. If you don't want to rely on a single truth from my indicator, combine this with either RSI , MACD , or ADX levels.
2. If you are going to use it for a leveraged trade, A) My indicator does not have the absolute truth, B) Try to assign a% of take profit or stop loss range to allow the price to move without closing your recommended trade in loss. 3 to 4% or greater than 1%

Postscript: Use it at your own risk, I have made this script based on my personal opinion and experience, which is not considered at any time a financial or investment advice or of any kind, which after reading this I free myself from Any financial responsibility for your personal decisions, what you read in any market or legal action will only be considered before any court, person, page, agency, broker, trader, tools, investors, developers or people of any field and of any situation such as If fidubit has given computer advice for educational purposes on the use of pine script, all investment in any type of economy, asset or financial markets is at risk of ups and downs, therefore you are fully responsible for your investment, administration, decision, analysis and use and you should use only your risk capital in the broker you choose

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