Flunki T-WAP minus MA Oscillator


Possible the last of these for now, and mostly for the sake of completeness..

This is..

Another simple oscillator that show the difference in price between a selectable timeframe TWAP and a Moving Average of that TWAP

This is shown as a histogram.

Use numeric TWAP values for minutes (30, 60 ,720 whatever) and D, 3D, W, M for higher values

There is also a global timeframe which will set the timeframe for a global alternate timeframe (instead of current chart resolution)

On top of that is a Moving Average of the histogram value, shown as a blue / red line with an option to highlight this MA crossing zero, and an option to colour bars to this line.

The major difference between this Oscillator, and the other script (Flunki VWAP minus MA Oscillator)

(I treid to insert a link but it's invisible so it would seem, anyway.. )

is that VWAP is usually calculated daily, so there is a sharp move upon the daily close, as VWAP starts a new day. Using TWAP this does not occur, so gives smoother transitions ; also the timeframe for TWAP is selectable for additional wap fun.

Simple idea : Code open

Enjoy !
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nice bro. i think u should do fib. u hv nothing on tht i think. lot of scripts shw wrong calculations. can u do with right fib calculation.thx
syrinxflunki pricechart1336
@pricechart1336, Explain more please ? what do you think is the 'right' fib calculation ? DM on twitter (link in bio) if you fancy elaborating in more detail, and i'll take a look !
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