Pivots With CPR,Moving Average and VWAP - by Ananth

This indicator is a combination of Pivot points with CPR , Moving Average and VWAP .
Nov 20
Release Notes: This Indicator is a combination of Pivot Point with CPR, Moving Average and VWAP.
Nov 24
Release Notes: Added the feature tomorrows Pivot, CPR,Resistance and Support Level.
Nov 25
Release Notes: Alert is added in this version. Please add alert and select this indicator from the list and save. Whenever the price crosses Pivot,CPR,Resistance or Support or Moving Average, we will get the alert.
Nov 25
Release Notes: Fine tuned version of Alerts
Dec 12
Release Notes: Improved and Bugs fixed of Earlier Version.
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Dear Sir ,
Request to add weekly as well as monthly high and low ...

thanks a lot sir for this indicator .
Hii how is it plotting day high and day low.....How is it possible seriously stunning.....!!! thanks bro....
oh!!! what a man and what a thought. i love it.. are you a professinal trader sir?? can you conduct classes on trading?
Great Job ,Thanks and Respects
@ZAQDA, Thanks for your comment. Added the feature Tomorrows Pivot, support Resistance & Daily high and Low.
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