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Once a 9 count has been reached the trend(up or down) is exhausted and indicates when to open a long or short position fairly accurately. (i find it most accurate on 1hr candles but you can backtest other candle durations to find more/other accurate candle stick times....
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hi there, great script! Question about setting an alert. I.e. i want an alert at the red shape nummer 3 on the 5m TF and it doesn't matter what the price is (or range), what are the settings?
I tried several but nothing ...
Setting example is: condition TD 9 count, but which ' shapes' i must choose? There are 16 shapes in the select menu, but 18 (9 green and 9 red) in the chart.
I choose also ' inside channel' and by upper and lower bound 'shapes' but also here... which one if i want the red nr 3 ?
Hope you can help me :)
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@sees78, i'm not sure if you can do that. I would need to look into that a bit and get back with you. I know you can do basic price alerts when a price crosses a certain threshold.
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Do you have TD 9 count for TOS..
ViSee3 charleneyeo75
@charleneyeo75, what's TOS?
how to use this indicator on MT4?
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no longer @funszn now @naijamoto7 on twitter :)...
Very useful indicator for timing pullbacks (candle 3) and taking profits (candles 6-7-8), and love the S/R lines at candle 9 points. Great job and thank you for creating it! Cheers!
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This is great...
Is there any way to have a alarm or something every time a nine is reached?

Can you explain the different colored bars occurring after a successful 9 count?
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