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Once a 9 count has been reached the trend(up or down) is exhausted and indicates when to open a long or short position fairly accurately. (i find it most accurate on 1hr candles but you can backtest other candle durations to find more/other accurate candle stick times....
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how to use this indicator on MT4?
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Can you explain the different colored bars occurring after a successful 9 count?
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@ecicic, the calculate will not always show a new count after a green or red 9. Sometimes you will see a sort of pink colored candle meaning a bit of indecision by the indicator. I would advise you to wait for green one to start a position
ecicic naijamoto
@naijamoto, ahh, thanks for the insight and reply.

Best Regards
JpTraded naijamoto
@naijamoto, Iv watched every video on YouTube I could find about td indicator on trading view and none of them even remotely relate to the indicator bc the number 13 doesn’t even show , Iv searched for days I’m honestly surprised ppl ain’t teaching this , I can’t find how the numbers work exactly besides it used the close or what the light green and pink colors show and why it paints bull candles red
naijamoto JpTraded
@JpTraded, you can backtest it 3-4 years back and see for yourself just how accurate the 9 counts usually are...if you think it's not the best, you can always code your own script. The math behind the concept is pretty straight-forward :).
Very useful indicator for timing pullbacks (candle 3) and taking profits (candles 6-7-8), and love the S/R lines at candle 9 points. Great job and thank you for creating it! Cheers!
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Do you have TD 9 count for TOS..
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@charleneyeo75, what's TOS?
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This is great...
Is there any way to have a alarm or something every time a nine is reached?
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