EURUSD - test #3 POLI-ZOLI [30min]


This is my third attempt to catch EURUSD moves.
This time I decided to experiment with solid TP and SL levels,

Script is optimalized for 30min --->> FOREXCOM:EURUSD

The strategy logic here is also quite simple:
To define trend I used Centred Trend Indicator , which with the lower value can be good filter for trend momentum with a short timeframe range.
this indicator allows me to avoid all fake pumps or dumps while sentiment is still bearish or bullish

this time I decided to depends of tp/sl levels

TP: 0.25%
sl: 0.75%

To open long or short position this script is always using Centred Trend Indicator with the combination of ADX and Support and resistance indicators.
ADX - Is one of the most powerful and accurate trend indicators. ADX measures how strong a trend is, and can give valuable information on whether there is a potential trading opportunity.

SUPPORT and RESISTANCE - the idea behind this bot was to use support or resistance breakout
The core of this strategy is the support and resistance levels through the use of automatic detectors of these levels

as in my previous script I use PKAMA
its designed for better moves detector/filter
this indicator allows me entering the position only when strong trends movemments appears.

To add more entries I also made a two conditions for Bollinger Bands and Rmi
- Bollinger Bands - uses these bands to make the most of every major price move
to keep bad decisions to a minimum. Bollinger bands only working while slow PKAMA is moving , so we are only using Bollinger while price is in high movemment
- RMI - The Relative Momentum Index was developed by Roger Altman and was introduced in his article in the February, 1993 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.
rmi is depending on Parabolic SAR , which got the heave inputs value, to use rmi only in high condifence situation, also rmi working only while PKAMA is not moving.

Enjoy ;)

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