Alright so I updated the Holy Trinity Script because its not three indicators now its at least 5 indicator conditions that result in colored candles.

Blue Candles: Sell Alert, implies that now might be a good time to sell. If you hold through multiple blue candles, average out the two prices and create your stop loss there.

White Candles: Sell signal, implies that you should probably sell. I've made it to where a white candle is seldom rare, so if you have not sold by then - take this as a signal and not a warning.

Black Candles: Long Alert, implies that a good buy area is incoming. You can buy on black candles but I would not do it with high leverage. I've weeded out conditions that make black candles appear in a bear trend, but low leverage is still always necessary for these candles.

Yellow Candles: Long Signal, The Golden Signal, The Dachshund. Buy here for the love of Christ, that's all it is saying. Hold strong, better room for higher leverage, hold for a while and reap the benefits. If you miss a candle like this it isn't too late feel free to go long as long as the price is within a reasonable percentage. Never chase pumps ;)

Best if used on 30min, 45min, and 1hr-4hr.
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