Price movement indicator

This indicator shows us if the price is moving up or down based on the ratio of current price vs previous bar.
If this ratio is above 1 then this indicates that the price is increasing, while if the ratio is below 1 the price is decreasing.

Set the desired EMA length, number of previous bars to compare with and offset.

It can be used to all markets.
Release Notes:

Release Notes: - Potential SHORT and LONG entries
SHORT = red circle
LONG = green circle
- Signal line (blue)
Release Notes: Removed unnecessary plots and variables.
Release Notes: HMA added to bring more smoothness
Release Notes: HMA Offset added
Release Notes: Entry points are clear now.
Green - LONG
Release Notes: Added SMA length for pricecomparison n-bars back
EMA set to 100
Offset set to 25
Release Notes: Minor bug fixed
Release Notes: Chart error fixed
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