Simple ICT Market Structure by toodegrees

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This Simple ICT Market Structure is based on the teachings of ICT, specifically in his episode 12 of the Public 2022 Mentorship.

The only omission here is the peculiar calculation of Intermediate Term points, for which I am not using the concept of repricing imbalances – this can be added later!

Feel free to use this tool, however it is quite simple and market structure is something we all know very well how to spot. In my opinion it is helpful to display the long term swing points to identify more mature pools of liquidity.

The reason for coding this tool is to help new coders understand PineScript (I have a video tutorial where I code this from start to finish), as well as fostering some algorithmic thinking in your trading of ICT Concepts and Algorithmic Delivery.

If you have any questions about the code, shoot me a message!

Hope you learn something and GLGT!
Update: added color option for labels for dark background users:

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