Linear Regression ++

Due to public demand

Linear Regression Formula
Scraped Calculation With Alerts

Here is the Linear Regression Script For traders Who love rich features

++ Multi time frame -> Source Regression from a different Chart
++ Customized Colors -> This includes the pine lines
++ Smoothing -> Allow Filtered Regression; Note: Using 1 Defaults to the original line. The default is 1
++ Alerts On Channel/Range Crossing

++ Use this for BreakOuts and Reversals
++ This Script is not to be used Independently

Please note, this script is the likes of Bollinger bands and poses a risk of falling in a trend range.
Signals may Keep running on the same direction while the market is reversing.

If you have any feature requests, comment below or dm me. I will answer when i can.
Feel free to utilize this on your chart and share your ideas

For developers who want to use this on their chart, Please use this script
The original formula for calculation is posted there

❤❤❤ I hope you love this. From my heart! ❤❤❤
Release Notes: update to line thickness
Release Notes: New Features Addition

++ Display Old Signals ✔️✔️
-- Select All Option In the "Display Signals"
++ Bar Replay For All Users ✔️✔️
-- 1. Draw a vertical line where you want to replay
-- 2. Go to Indicator Styles and enable Bar Index
-- 3. Hover On your vertical line and check the value of the Bar Index On Indicator Data
-- 4. Open Indicator Inputs And Set this number In the "End At Bar Index"
-- 5. Go Back To Settings And Disable Bar Index For Normal Chart Zoom

Thanks For the Love, Always Open to More Suggestions
++ Yes This Indicator Can Be Used On Any TimeFrame and Any Pair/Symbol ✔️✔️
++ There is 'NO REPAINT' recorded, Ignore the tradingview warning unless your Resolution Option is not set to "Same As Symbol" ✔️✔️
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Hey LucemANB,

Unfortunately I still do not know how to set the alerts. Is there an example.

I cannot find BUY and SELL in the alert settings.

Thanks in advance
+9 Svara
DenoTrade DenoTrade
@LucemAnb found it, sorry. It was the wrong Script...
LucemAnb DenoTrade
@DenoTrade, Easy,

1. Click Add to Favorites
2. Go to your chart, Click add Indicators > Favorites > Click on Linear Regression ++
3. Click Add Alert, Select the condition As Linear Regression ++, then choose Buy Or Sell,
4. Click Create Alert

It's working well for 5 minutes on GBP/USD. Do you have any recommendation for combining this with another for Forex? Also in your opinion what time period is best suitable for this to work even better? Thanks.
+3 Svara
LucemAnb curry_leaves_UK
@curry_leaves_UK, Works well on all timeframes, Its robust for any type of trading that you are doing, For awesome Backups, use multiple configurations confirmation.
papa_PUTS LucemAnb
@LucemAnb, pure sorcery.
martinweb LucemAnb
@LucemAnb, very interesting script man! Could you may explain what the good thing is about linear regression and how to combine it properly to be safe? Do you usually set it to a timeframe one level or two higher as the current timeframe? thanks for any help ;)
Hi LucemAnb, what would the code be for a background fill on the chart between the regression lines, i.e. red from top to median, and green from median to bottom line?
Thanks for this!! question. What does precision indicate on the setting? i see 1 to 10?
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