Profit Trailer Tester v0.2

This script combines all buy and sell strategies of the Profit Trailer bot for research, backtesting (simulation) and teaching those strategies. Due to several reasons, the script cannot emulate the Profit Trailer strategies 100%. It is more to visualize the strategies and support you in your decisions.

It is an early version and still under heavy development and testing. Currently, 'DCA' and trailing are not implemented yet.

Please send a PM to get access to the script.

NOTICE: By requesting access to this script you acknowledge that you have read and understood that this is for research purposes only, and I am not responsible for any financial losses you may incur by using this script!
Release Notes: Changelog:
- Fix smacross
- plot sell trigger
- plot the smacross/emacross
- removed the fixed order size of one contract

Still working on trailing & DCA...stay tuned :-)
Release Notes: - Fixed the Bollinger Bands (the calculation of the buy price is still not 100% clear, the PT wiki is misleading, waiting for feedback from the devs)
Release Notes: Changelog:

Added Trailing Buy and Trailing Profit (sell) - marked as a green (buy) or red (sell) cross below/above the candles. Please be aware that this gives you just an indication and demonstrates how trailing works. The implementation of the Profit Trailer is somewhat different (I guess, don't have their source code :-)) as it uses ask/bid values which are not available in Tradingview.

Happy to get your feedback how it works.
Release Notes: Changelog v0.6
- Fixed buy and sell strategy for Bollinger Bands, thanks for reporting the issue

DCA is still in the make
Release Notes: Fixed some buy strats (HighBB, SMAGain, EMAGain). Thanks folks for your feedback on those bugs.
Release Notes: Hi folks,

first of all, thank you for using my script. This is no functional update of the script, but an information and offer to all of you.

As you are aware, the new version of Profit Trailer, version 2, is in the making and the latest announcement says, it will be released next Friday. With all their new features, even experienced traders and chart analysts are facing difficulties now and struggle to create suitable strategies.

That's why we have been working hard in the last weeks to release a new and even better version of this script. For the first time, it is possible to test and view up to 5 indicators in different time periods (1 min - 1 week) in one chart simultaneously!

For more information, please visit or find the trial version of the script here on TradingViev:
Some highlights:
- Up to 12 indicators for Buy, DCA and Sell (more are in the making)
- Freely adjustable indicator periods
- Trailing with 1m candles
- Strategy Tester
- Setting for debug mode
- and much more

As part of my community here, you get a special, limited offer to access the full version of our new script, just enter the ref code "ptxtv" when requesting the script (see The code is valid until 22nd of April, 2018.

PM me if you have any question.

Release Notes: Hi Profit Trailer,

I have released a new version of this script for Profit Trailer 2. It incorporates all the new features and is free to use with instant access.

You find it here:
More information also here:

Wish you all good trades!
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