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B3 Multi Time Frame - Open High Low Close

For showing a 2nd resolution on one chart; Not much more to say about that :)
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Good work, thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing this great indicator. It would be nice if you can include an option to display n# of previous days?
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HammondB3 mahmad76
@mahmad76, Thank you! I will look into that when I get some time. Will let you know if I come up with something. Cheers :)
Great script, thank you very much for posting! :-)
+1 Svara
Just one thing, if you convert the script to V4 it plots a day late?
Not sure why it would do that..
HammondB3 BitcoinCalls
@BitcoinCalls, in version 2 you need not initialize the variables. In 3 and 4 you must not only initialize them, but properly initialize them and get the reading sequence right. I will take a look this weekend. :)