TM_INTRADAY_TOOL helps to identify following Things for Intraday Position on 1-3-5-10-15-30-60 Minutes and Daily timeframe along with Buy or sell signal.

1. Market Trend (Different Timeframe)
2. Price Direction
3. Area of Support & Resistance
4. Price Momentum
5. Volume Based Breakouts

Terminology Use ==> Black from Bottom for - Buy, Red from Top for - Sale Signal, and Numbers are to show time frame indication there is presence of buyer or seller like 1 for buy signal on 1 minute time frame etc.
Display and Interpretation ==> Buy Sale Signal in Digit with 1-3-5-10-15-30-60-D for different time frames.

any value signal ending with * shows breakout of support/ resistance and value signal starting with * shows entry to a momentum zone.

Green Mark with Triangle Up shows trend of that timeframe in positive and value shows upside possible direction on that timeframe vice versa for red signal with down triangle

T1 stand for trend change in 1 Minute timeframe and T3 stand for trend change in 3 Minute timeframe

Use market structure, chart pattern, trend lines for more support..

Time frame ==> Use proper Signal with 1 minute, 3 minute time frame

What to Identify ==> Overall Trend for the intraday

How to Use ==>
See how and order buildup is seen and current order position. Also area for volatility and expected movement in price direction

Note: - Use market structure, chart pattern, trend lines and price action parameter for more confirmation.

Entry ==>
Let’s wait the proper area of support or resistance ( Area of Value in case of trend pattern use)

Exit ==>
SL of swing high/low out of market structure with proper risk management and target with proper Risk/ Reward Ratio

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Indicator seems good, but labels are overlapping.
TradingMind24 subhdash1984
@subhdash1984, Sorry, It was a paid update published publicly by mistake. It works on working days without overlapping
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