Arbitrage Forecast

With great excitement we are pleased to announce Arbitrage Forecast.

We have combined the precision of Arbitrage Level with the Accuracy of Arbitrage Loop to create a forecasting tool to help you visually see which way the market is moving.

This is how it works.

First, the light blue lines bind the purple line within the confines of this Forecast Band(99.6% of the time)
This means we show you where the most probable turn around points are located.

Second, that purple line: long as it's below the histagram the forecast is bearish .

Third If both the purple line and the histogram are below the 0 line. RUN FOR YOUR CASH... It's about to get UGLY.

Aggressively playing this indicator you can exit your long position as soon as the purple line pierces the histogram area
And for those who demand confirmations letting the histogram turn red by falling below the black 0 line will confirm a new down trend has started

Lastly for those aggressive bulls, letting the purple line pierce a red cloud from below signals a bullish trend but again the confirmation of the trend will
be both the purple line being above the black 0 line and the histogram turning back green.

Stop guessing, Start Profiting
Arbitrage Trade Team

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