Hi Crypto Traders,

As you all know bitcoin has been on teh back foot since December 2017 - probably due to the opening of the Futures market. whilst bitcion may breakout, there is no guarantee that it will go to new heights or when it will. Use my trading algorithm solution, my algorithm can be safely used on X1, X2 or X3 leverage with BitMEX and you can even test it on demo first. I've already receievd my first glwoing review from a member on Tradingview, he has put his review on one of the old scripts. I am republishing this script but it is the same as the one he uses. He made +60% in 1 week and he said he should have made more. You can test my bot for FREE!

If you want to use the bot after the 1 week test period you will need to send me 250USD minimum per week for using it or 5% in bitcoin of your profit that you made with my bot.

We are currently making some easy to follow set up videos... bit for now...

Setting up the bot:

M15 timeframe
Symbol: XBTUSD -
Broker: BitMEX
Heiken Ashi candlesticks
The indicator will print before the arrow forms. Technically the strategy should be earlier than it is showing in on the.. so in essence the backtest has a 1 bar delay.

Here are the alerts and codes I use: (message code in bold)

Alert1: BUY moves up 1.000 in 2 bars once per bar

Message: a=* e=BitMEX b=buy l=2 q=95% s=XBTUSD u=contracts t=market delay=15

Alert2: SELL moves down 1.000 in 2 bars once per bar

Message: a=* e=BitMEX b=sell l=2 q=90% s=XBTUSD u=contracts t=market delay=15

Alert3: SELL moves down 1.000 in 2 bars once per bar

Message: a=* e=BitMEX s=XBTUSD s=buy t=market c=position

Alert4: BUY moves up 1.000 in 2 bars once per bar

Message: a=* e=BitMEX s=XBTUSD s=sell t=market c=position

There is also BitMEX TESTNET to test my bot. Make sure you set it up correctly

Spikes down are sell signals and close buy

Spikes up are buy signals and close sell

1 Week Access: 250USD minimum or 5% in BTC of profits.
1 Week Demo: Free

Message me so I know who to give access to...

Best regards,

Ryan Grey Homfray-Jones

Head of Grey Trading
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Hi, is it possible to get one week demo please ?
Hi trader ! I test this strategy with autoview from 3 day now and this look very good ! I let it play on testnet and for now all ok ! Its time to go live ! Will post more info in 3 day ! Stay tuned
MDicko123 crypt4r3
@crypt4r3, How did it go?
i would like to try it for a week :)
@tredishion, Does this work?
Can you give me acess please?
Svara edwilson.mota
@edwilson.mota, Does this work?
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