AllTradeSignals Stochastic RSI Crossover Plots

This is a simple script that allows you to plot when the K% or D% line of the Stochastic RSI crosses into overbought or oversold territory.


1) Add the script to your chart and click the gear to open the settings

2) Select the Stochastic RSI source (Close, Open, High, Low, etc.)

3) Select the Stochastic RSI length (default: 14)

4) Select the %K and %D Periods (default: 3)

5) Select whether to plot the overbought/oversold K%/D% crosses, and their respective levels

6) If you wish, set alerts for when these crossings occur

Any questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy!
Release Notes: Quick update to tidy up the code. No calculation changes.
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