NSDT Support/Resistance Zones

A simple script that allows you to plot 8 different zones of support and resistance . Enter the high and low of a support/resistance zone, and the script will fill the range for easier viewing. Open source and all settings can be customized.
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hi. I have an excel file containing Resistance1 (R1), R2, R3 and support (S1), S2, S3 that I need to plot as horizonal lines on the tradingview chart. How can I do it ?
@jefnkhalaf, You can use this indicator to make it easy. Just need to enter the levels in the settings area. If you need more levels, load the indicator twice.
Hi, script is not working. Please have a look.
NorthStarDayTrading pramaniksumit1
@pramaniksumit1, It works. You need to enter in the levels you want to monitor and it will plot them. I have a few other "auto" plotting indicators on my profile to check out if you wish. One good one is the "Pivot Point Zones".
pramaniksumit1 NorthStarDayTrading
@NorthStarDayTrading, Great,let me have a look. Thanks for your feedback.