powerful moving average crossover

This script is a simplified version of John Ehlers's adaption of Dr . Kalman's optimum estimator as applied to price action (More can be found on this here: Here I have adapted two of these optimum estimators to work together to provide crossover signals. The user can choose the input of this filter in the 'input source'. The 'Ratio of Uncertainties' controls how adaptive the moving averages are, increasing this number will increase adaptivity and vice versa for decreasing. The 'Kalman Gain' allows the user to choose how much error to let into the calculation. The smaller this number is the quicker the moving average will approach price action.

In practice this indicator is much smoother than most other moving averages and has significantly less whiplash while still getting very early entries. If anyone wants to adapt this script for their own uses please feel free. Message me what you make with it, I am very curious what this can do when in the right hands!

Happy trading!
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