All past Levels

Contains all past levels that we need
1. Previous Monthly High
2. Previous Monthly Low
3. Previous Weekly High
4. Previous Weekly Low
5. Previous Daily High
6. Previous Daily Low
7. Previous Monthly Range Average (PMH+PML)/2
8. Previous WeeklyRange Average (PWH+PWL)/2
9. Previous Daily Range Average (PDH+PDL)/2
10. Monthly Open
11. Weekly Open
12. Daily Open
Release Notes: Now inputs for 50% Levels are updated too
Release Notes: This update contains High Timeframe levels for Positional traders and Swing traders.
Also Added 3day and 8hour level for 24 hour markets like Forex and Cryptocurrency which I found of value. 8H level particularly for BTC futures funding time which can be adjusted is of importance.
- Previous Year High Low and 50%
- Previous Half Yearly High Low and 50%
- Previous Quarter High Low and 50%
- Previous 3D Levels
-Previous 8Hour level
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sir this what version of pin script sir
can you add lables to each levels , thank you, like pdh, pdl, pdc
raveshave suryavelala2050
@suryavelala2050, Thanks for the suggestion. I also thought about it, but it would clutter the chart too much. rather I color code each label and memorize them. For yearly: Thick red, For Quarterly: Orange, For Daily: White etc. For 50%levels you can select same color but style like circle or cross can be chosen. I hope you got the point.
Great Indicator ;)
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