StairMaster TTF

This strategy belongs to @TheTradingFloor. It was suggested to me by a trader named "Cryptic RS" in my private messages then I saw the strategy on "Christy Kinz Trading" YouTube Channel

The strategy consists of RSI (Confirmation), Optional stochastic RSI (Confirmation), consolidation range identifier, Support & Resistance (helps out for beginners), TSV - Time Segmented Volume ( Volume ), A Baseline(has 10 types of moving averages) and Fractal Breakout (Trigger). change the options as you like to see which works for you.

The indicator prints out a sneaker every time the conditions are met. It generally looks for a fractal breakout and at the same time checks for multiple confluences ( RSI , TSV, a Baseline - For Trend direction)

Allow Signal Repainting (bool) : Helps if you trade in the lower timeframes to get in quicker.

Stair Sensitivity (int) : changes the fractals sensitivity level
Use Alternate Fractal (bool): Let's you choose a different fractal breakout method

TSV Length (int) : Period (n) of Time segmented volume
TSV MA Length (int) : uses a simple moving average . We use this as a filter. tsvma > 0 and tsv > 0 = buy & tsvma < 0 and tsv < 0 = sell

Baseline Source (source) : Source for the baseline
Baseline Length (int) : Period (n) of the baseline
Baseline Type (string) : there are 10 types of moving average type's you can choose from
Use Baseline as a bias filter (bool) : you'll be able to have a "trend" bias. close > baseline = buy & close < baseline = sell

RSI Length (int) : Period (n) of RSI
RSI Source (source) : Source of the RSI
RSI MA Type (string) : there are 10 types of moving average type's you can choose from
RSI MA Length (int) : Period (n) of RSI ma. We use this as a filter - rsi > rsima = buy & rsi < rsima = sell

Enable stochastic RSI: you can enable filter or disable it. - k > d = buy & k < d = sell
Stochastic RSI is optional

  • Consolidation range identifier, support and resistance do not play a part in the signal generating process but they play major roles in the strategy. You can click on "show support & resistance" or "show consolidation zones" to display them on your chart.
  • You can also allow sessions in order to know in which session you're trading in.

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