HeikinAshi / MS-Signal (HA-MS)

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I would like to take the time to explain the indicators needed for trading among the two indicator formulas previously disclosed.

The HA-MS indicator is an indicator created using the Heikin Ashi formula and the MACD formula.

Therefore, the reliability of the indicator is considered to be high.

If you want a comprehensive indicator, you can share the chart being published as an idea and use the MRHAB-T indicator.

The shared indicators can be used without any restrictions if you are a paid member of TradingView.
(Free members have many restrictions on sharing charts.)

The MS-Signal indicator using MACD is an indicator composed of M-Signal and S-Signal lines.

I made it possible to display the M-Signal line of the 1D, 1W, and 1M charts separately so that the trend can be checked on other timeframe charts.

Therefore, by looking at the 15m chart or 1h chart to check the overall trend when trading, we prevented getting caught up in temporary volatility , that is, a whipsaw, and made this M-Signal line to be used as support and resistance .

If you touch these M-Signal lines when a surge or plunge occurs, it means that there is a high possibility of indicating support or resistance.

If the 5EMA line on the 1D chart rises above the 5EMA line enough to be called a soaring moving average, it means that there is a high possibility of a sudden movement.

Therefore, the 5EMA line of the 1D chart is displayed separately so that it can be checked in time frames other than 1D (15m, 1h charts, etc.).

This 5EMA line can also be used as support and resistance like the M-Signal line of the 1D, 1W, and 1M charts described above.

The MS-Signal indicator is for viewing trends.

So, if the price stays above the MS-Signal indicator and the MS-Signal indicator turns into a bullish sign, it means that the uptrend is likely to continue.

Conversely, if the price stays below the MS-Signal indicator and the MS-Signal indicator turns to a bearish sign, then the downtrend is likely to continue.

Therefore, even if it temporarily rises above the MS-Signal indicator, it cannot be said that it will show an uptrend unless it is converted to an uptrend.

So, when the price surges and rises above the MS-Signal indicator, it is important to hold the price until the MS-Signal indicator turns into an uptrend.

If the HA-Low line or HA-High line is passing through these movements, you should respond by looking at whether you are supported or resisted on these lines.

The HA-Low line and the HA-High line are lines created for trading using Heikin Ashi candles.

Therefore, it can be interpreted that if it is supported by the HA-Low or HA-High line, it is highly likely to show an uptrend.

However, since the HA-Low and HA-High lines are calculated together with the RSI indicator, they are displayed on the chart as interactions.

The HA-Low line is a line created near the low point,

The HA-High line is a line created near the high point.

Therefore, if it shows support at the HA-Low line, it is time to buy.

And, if the price rises and rises above the HA-High line, it is likely to show a sharp movement.

Because of this movement, the HA-Low line is called the buy line, and the HA-High line is called the soaring line.

Since the HA-High line is a soaring line, if it is resisted by the HA-High line, it also means that there is a high possibility of a sharp decline.

If you see support at the HA-High line, you can buy it, but as I said, it is a sharp rise line, so you have to respond from a short-term perspective.

The Heikin Ashi body indicator is significant as it marks the first trend reversal.

So, you can see the first reversal move, either when the price first makes a move from a downtrend to an uptrend, or when the price first makes a move from an uptrend to a downtrend.

For example, if the price is in a downtrend and stops falling and moves sideways or rises slightly, the Heikin Ashi body indicator is likely to turn into an uptrend.

If this turns into a bullish sign, aggressive buying is possible.

However, since there is a high possibility that it will not rise higher and fall immediately, it is better to think of a trading strategy when it shows support by rising above the 5EMA line, HA-Low line, and MS-Signal indicator.

Let's assume that from an uptrend in price, the Heikin Ashi body indicator turns to a downtrend.

Then, if you touch the 5EMA line, the HA-High line, and the MS_Signal indicator, I think you can buy some time to think about a selling strategy.

-------------------------------------------------- -

It doesn't matter how you trade and what tools you use.

What matters is whether you can create a trading strategy.

We tend to spend more time on analysis like chart analysis, economic analysis.

Also, many analytical techniques are studied to do this kind of analysis.

I have spent a lot of time studying various analysis techniques and putting a lot of effort into using them in trading.

However, I realized that acquiring all of these things did not make me a good trader.

The indicators released today also do not mean much in reality.

It merely provides minimal information for creating a trading strategy.

I think it is better to put aside the idea of ​​investing a lot of time in chart analysis and economic analysis and proceeding with trading.

Instead, I recommend spending a lot of time thinking about how to buy at the point or section you are trading, how to sell if the price rises, and how to stop loss if the price falls.

Quickly learn that learning difficult analytical techniques doesn't make you profitable on your trades.
I hope you understand.

An analytical technique or tool that allows you to earn a steady income is the best technique.

Creating a trading strategy is not difficult.

It's just that it feels difficult because I haven't organized my thoughts until now.

trading strategy
1. Investment period
2. Investment scale
3. Trading method and profit realization method
You just need to think in order and then start trading.

The most important thing in this trading strategy is the investment period.

The most important thing is whether to trade the coin (token) you want to trade by investing for a period such as the same day, short term, mid term, or long term.

This is because even though this first button is not connected properly, the following fund management and trading methods are all wrong.

I hope the day will come soon when you can play with the movement of the chart and get away from wrestling with the chart.

thank you.


☞ MRHAB-T지표를 활용한 차트 분석 영상 (Chart analysis video using MRHAB-T indicator)
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