MESA Adaptive Moving Average aka: Mother of Adaptive Moving Averages:

The MESA Adaptive Moving Average ( MAMA ) adapts to price movement in an
entirely new and unique way. The adapation is based on the rate change of phase as
measured by the Hilbert Transform Discriminator I have previously described.1

The advantage of this method of adaptation is that it features a fast attack average and a
slow decay average so that composite average rapidly ratchets behind price changes
and holds the average value until the next ratchet occurs. The action of MAMA is
shown in Figure 1. Since the average fallback is slow I can build trading systems that
are virtually free of whipsaw trades.

For detailed information of MAMA: (creators' PDF document)

Long condition: when MAMA Crosses over FAMA (Following Adaptive Moving Average )

Short condition: when FAMA Crosses over MAMA

(Personally modified LazyBear's version which was originally calculated in degrees instead of radian by applying explanations in the MESA pdf /papers/MAMA.pdf#)

Creator: John EHLERS
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Appreciated your generous shared =D
+1 Svara
Many Thanks for Your Precious Support and Great Help , Mr Kivanç

Appreciated it...
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Hi, what would be starting values for Period, SmoothPeriod. Any clue?
will you tell me how to add atr value and insted of fama slow line
hi bro add atr indicator and remove slowline indicator (fama) .code it in trandline and show a singla trand line
Thank u
Thank you very much
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