NSDT Pivot Zones

This is a new take on Traditional Pivot Points . By modifying the calculations, we were able to create "pivot zones" with a decent degree of accuracy.
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@lin6low5, Thank you.
Hi, I would like to thank you for this amazing work. Please add an option to hide the previous(past) Pivot Zones. Chart will look good.
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NorthStarDayTrading pramaniksumit1
@pramaniksumit1, Thank you for your kind words and your suggestion. Working on a few projects right now, but I'll keep it on the list.
Great idea making zones out of the floor pivots! I will try this out next week!
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@apavlatos77, Thanks! They seem to line up quite well. A nice guide. A little more freedom than just a line.
Awesome! Noob question, how does one use this? What do you look for?
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@polufson, Some use them as support and resistance zones. Some use them as target areas.
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