Fractal Series History Summary

292 visningar
This script presents a summarized view of a series by drawing lines between series samples taken at power-of-two intervals from the current value.
The intent is to provide a visualization of trendlines at multiple scales, without having to untangle those that my overlap each other.
It doesn't overlay a price-chart as written; it could, but IMHO that would be redundant. It's intended to augment oscillators and other kinds of indicators that don't necessarily scale with a price chart.
The script does not attempt to provide buy or sell triggers, but rather, to provide a visualization tool and a line-drawing tech-demo.
Release Notes:
  • Calculate deltas forwards, not backwards
    Remove normalization
    Default to absolute values, overlay=true
Release Notes: Added a function to display momentum chords to each sampled node, which was my original inspiration for this script.
Reverted to tip-first drawing order, which is simpler and actually draws the oldest visible lines.
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