Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min [Strategy]

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- Backtest of Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min - including testing period, TP/SL
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Hello, thanks you very much for the indicator, could you please advise setting for higher timeframe ? i mean higher timeframe work but maybe setting are not the same as 5min chart
all the best
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That's a nice equity curve. Glad to see my Range Filter is being put to good use!
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Gunslinger2005 DonovanWall
@DonovanWall, but it isnt. I have run this strategy myself. and the results are not even profitable. they do not even begin to touch possible profits unless 15 minute chart and even then its too tight. so what gives?
DonovanWall Gunslinger2005
@Gunslinger2005, I only saw it at a glance and didn't test this. Just looked at the curve on the publish. However, there are numerous ways to configure the RF, just like anything else. Different configurations yield different results on different charts.
I didn't design this strategy though. In fact, the person who designed this is using an old version of my Range filter. lol.

This is the most recent RF:

Also, for clarification in case anyone is wondering:

I don't know who initially thought the Range Filter was a tool that should just be used on 5m charts, but it's simply not true.
RF is a price action indicator designed to filter noise by reducing sample rate. It's not a conventional time based indicator, and it can be used on all timeframes.
Do you have this in a study so I can add alerts to it?
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pabloses jclagrutta
@jclagrutta, It's in the description
please how can i use this scrip ?
How to put a stoploss . Can you plz explain
Great present from you to we all. Thank you!
Thanks a lot
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