HiLo Daily Fibonacci R1 by JustUncleL

This is another indicator in my Pivot level series. This one automatically draw Fibonacci levels based on the previous day's lowest (0%) and highest (100%) values, similar to a Fibonacci retracement .
Manual TimeFrames can be given, it is just a text string though and is not checked, so needs to be a valid resolution eg: 60, 120, 240, 360, 480, 720, 1D, 1W, 1M, 2D, 2W, 3M

  • Green = 100% - 200% Levels
  • Blue = 0 - 100% Levels
  • Red = -100% - 0 Levels

Optionally can display historical Daily Fibonacci Levels.
Aug 14
Release Notes: Minor changes:
  • Work around for Pivot now option.
  • Updates for V3 Pinescript.
  • Add extra level for Pivots Now option.
Sep 10
Release Notes: R3.1 Update
  • Modified the way "most recent" only is display, now only show levels in the current day's price action.
  • Added option to display current day extension Fibs.

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Optionally can also show historical Levels:

Ojin929010 JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, As always Uncle, thanks again and again. This is a great one!
Seal JustUncleL
@JustUncleL, great work as always, you rock!
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