HENKO (Renko + HeikinAshi) -- No Repaint

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This particular work is completely mine.
I have not used anyone else's code (not even a fragment).
Parts of the code are used from Open Source library linking to https://www.investopedia.com/trading/hei... and TradingView's example section at https://www.tradingview.com/wiki/Non-Sta...

The above sources have been used to get Custom Heikin Ashi Candles.

Calculations on Renko bars is completely on me as I have used Daily close and open values to build my own Renko Candles.

Custom Bricksize for Float values has been made available in this public version.

I take no responsibility for the performance of this indicator as I have completely turned off the Repainting in this version of my script.

I am publishing the script for Public use.

I'll be releasing updates for this script in future as the performance is somewhat acceptable.

Profit Factor will decrease with bigger backtest data.

NO REPAINTING issues shall be reported at all costs as the tradingview's default Time based renko has been completely discarded, thus making it rely on its own.

Be advised that as the Renko Bars are calculated at 00:00 UTC, you're not supposed to mess with the timing in the script, unless you're working with Stock markets where it is important that you set your day start and end precisely.

You can play with the Brick Size to see what's more beneficial for you.

No Repaint RENKO

Release Notes: 1. Added HeikinAshi Candle Plot
2. Refined performance
3. verified working with separate pairs and indicators.
4. Removed RSI
Release Notes: TP Level added with performance driven BrickSize (eidtable)
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