Tick Delta Volume

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this script only works on live updating bars(market open and live), the longer it runs the more accurate it will be.
- total intrabar volume processed(may not be equal to volume ).
- last delta tick change in volume .
- this bar delta avg and stdev per tick.
- a overall of all live candles processed avg and stdev of the deltas processed.
Release Notes: added scrolling tick volume "bars"
Release Notes: Major rework:
  • name change to just "Tick Delta".
  • added price delta.
  • added price*volume delta.
  • improved inputs and histogram style options.
  • histogram displays mean and stdev bands.
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Great Work
100 coins
500 coins
500 coins
Good Job Man...
+1 Svara
Deadca7 ChrisMoody
@ChrisMoody, whoa it's ChrisMoody! Legend.
+2 Svara
Looks good, how do i use it ?
+1 Svara
Uni_ve12se aiyuanjason
@aiyuanjason, wondering the same. what's this data telling?
+1 Svara
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In the name of all TradingViewers, thank you for your valuable contribution to the community, and congrats!
Very Nice work sir! Thank you very much, obligado.
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